It was 2001 when Gina and I met in College in San Diego. We had both been in the Military and were using our GI bills. After she asked me for my phone number, although she argues it was simply for school related purposes, I knew she was the one. It was love at first laugh so we pursued a life together. Once we had our first child (Nayah) we decided the best thing for our family was to move back to Idaho where I am from. I took her to the coldest part of Idaho, the East. There we found a cute little home for sale. We hired a Realtor, found out what the home was worth and bought our first home, definitely a fixer. Gina was too cold in Eastern Idaho so we decided to move to Boise. The real estate market had crashed and our home’s worth was less than what we owed so we decided to rent the real estate out. While in Boise, we thought the best thing to do was to hire a property management company and let them manage our real estate. They did not get it rented in 3 months, so we fired them and rented it out ourselves in a week. While doing construction and handyman work in Boise we saved enough to hire a Realtor and start dabbling with real estate. Every home for sale we would find, we would stop and look through the windows. If we liked it, we would call our Realtor to get in to see the inside. This process was the beginning of our love for real estate and investing and it helped us become experts on the real estate market. Our first year investing in Real Estate we bought a duplex. The next year though was one of our best years; our Realtor loved us because we bought 3 homes for sale within 3 months. I had become a maintenance manager for a big 250 unit complex and Gina was managing our real estate from home. When we decided that we were making enough income from our investment real estate, I quit my maintenance job and went into real estate full time. Our Realtor gave us lots of great advice so I became a Realtor and started NORDz Enterprises and NORDz Real Estate Group

Looking for a Real Estate Group who puts you first?

If you’re planning to buy or sell a home, you want the process to go successfully. If you’re selling, success means getting your property sold quickly and for the highest price possible. If you’re buying, it means finding your next dream home and getting into it, affordably. On top of that, if you’re like most of our satisfied customers, you also want everything to go smoothly, with as little stress as possible.

How can you ensure all that happens? By working with a real estate group who truly puts you first.

We’re proud to be the real estate group of choice for those who want a great experience buying or selling a home. Our “clients-first” approach means that you’ll be working with professionals who listen to you, provide expert advice, and work hard on your behalf.

The Experts by Your Side

When you’re selling: Our track record of success means we know how to showcase your house effectively, market and promote it so that it attracts qualified buyers and get it SOLD for the highest price. Throughout the process, we’re with you every step of the way, making sure your questions are answered, all the details are handled expertly, and the entire experience is a positive one.

When you’re buying: Our expertise in the local market means we can introduce you to homes that meet your criteria – and notify you immediately of brand new listings. We can advise you on what to look for when viewing a home, so you don’t make a catastrophic mistake, and we can arm you with in-depth details on every property you see. When you find a home you fall in love with, we know how to negotiate effectively so you get that property, at the best possible price. In fact, nothing pleases us more than saying, “The home is yours.”

The Right Real Estate Group for You

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s ultimately about realizing a dream. We understand how much the decision will mean to you. In fact, that’s one of the reasons me and my husband became real estate agents – to help people buy or sell a home, while making the process easy and trouble-free. Clients often tell us how much they appreciate our expertise, our willingness to be there with them every step of the way, and our determination to get them the best deal. They also tell us we are friendly and a pleasure to work with – which is quite a compliment!

Next Steps

If you’re looking for a real estate agent, it’s important that you find someone who is a good fit for you. So let’s talk. Whether you’re selling or buying, we’d like to learn more about you and your needs and goals. You can count on us to “tell it like it is” and give you a realistic picture of what is possible.

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